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Rambo Hunting E-Bikes – Electric Boarding Co. Favorites

  Why our customers love Rambo Hunting Bikes… Rambo electric bikes have always been at the forefront of hunting e-bikes for all consumers looking for elite and high-quality off-road electric vehicles. Unlike your standard off road ATV or buggy, electric bikes...

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To Kill a Turkey – with a Rambo Assist……

I had the opportunity to hunt Rio turkey in Oklahoma this past season with two of my best friends, and boy was it an adventure! Growing up in the Midwest, my primary focus was always big-game. I was raised in the outdoors, but one thing I never really got into was...

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A customer’s testimonial of the Rambo Bushwacker

I live on a 10 acre small farm and the Bushwacker from Rambo is a daily driver by not only me but my wife as well.  I acquired this 750w fat tire bike with the main intent to assist in my hunting adventures, I never dreamed it would soon become such an important tool...

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Unboxing the Rambo Rebel 1000XPC Hunting Bike

After placing my order on the Rambo website, I received confirmation of my order and before I knew it, it was shipped out the next day. Within 3 business days a FedEx rep was at my front door ready for a signature. FAST Shipping!  Unboxing the Rebel 1000XPC was...

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Rambo Bikes 2020 ATA

It was a strong start to the ATA 2020 show. Rambo Bikes had lots of riders trying out our new line of bikes. Quickly, the Rambo Krusader became a fan favorite of all the demo bikes during the first day of ATA. The Rambo Krusader is new for 2020, this is our premium...

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