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How Much are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, especially ours have become increasingly popular in recent years. Rambo Ebikes offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to commute and explore the outdoors. If you're interested in purchasing an e-bike, you may be wondering how...

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Fat Tire Electric Bikes

The fat tire electric bike is an exciting new way to experience the great outdoors. These ebikes combine the ruggedness and versatility of fat tire bikes with the convenience and power of electric motors. Rambo fat tire electric bikes are perfect for exploring rough...

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Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes, also known as e-MTBs - like our Rampage, are a type of mountain bike that is powered by an electric motor. Becoming increasingly popular among mountain bikers due to their ability to make difficult uphill climbs easier and allow riders to go...

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Off-Road Electric Bikes

Off-road electric bikes have been gaining popularity in recent years as a new mode of transportation for outdoor enthusiasts. Our bikes are specifically designed to handle rugged terrain, making them ideal for off-road adventures. With advancements in technology and...

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Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

Mid-drive electric bikes have gained significant popularity among our models over the years due to their unique features and superior performance. Unlike some e-bikes, which have their motor and battery located on the hub of the rear wheel, mid-drive e-bikes have...

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Kid’s Electric Bikes Now Available at Rambo!

At Rambo, the majority of us are parents and we want to give our kids the best experiences, and one of the most memorable childhood experiences is learning to ride a bike. However, traditional bicycles can be challenging for kids to learn, and parents often worry...

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E-Bike Commuting Benefits

Rambo eBikes have been gaining popularity in recent years as a means of commuting. With the rise of traffic congestion and the need for a more sustainable mode of transportation, many people are turning to e-bikes as a solution. An e-bike provides a convenient and...

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eBikes vs Gas Powered Utility Vehicles

Modern eBikes are on par with more tough vehicles like ATVs and SxS in terms of effectiveness, performance, and adaptability for diverse terrain, and they’re being tested nonstop. Let’s talk about the benefits that Rambo eBikes offer that overpower ATVs, SxS, and...

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EXTREME HUNTING, BACKWOODS Electric mountain bike

Courtesy of Electrified Reviews: Power — Bafang hub drive, 1000 nominal watts, 1500 peak watts, 160 Newton meters of torque Speed  — 35+ mph Battery and Range — 48 volt 17 ah, 40 miles Pedal assist sensor — Torque sensor Display — Bafang...

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The Rooster 750w eBike: Comfort Cruising at Its Best!

The best combination of features and value: The Rambo Rooster is powered with fun for your next city cruise! Electric bikes offer versatility, comfort, affordability, and sheer fun factor. Living in a populated urban city, cars might offer comfort, but where's the...

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