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eBikes vs Gas Powered Utility Vehicles

Modern eBikes are on par with more tough vehicles like ATVs and SxS in terms of effectiveness, performance, and adaptability for diverse terrain, and they’re being tested nonstop. Let’s talk about the benefits that Rambo eBikes offer that overpower ATVs, SxS, and...

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EXTREME HUNTING, BACKWOODS Electric mountain bike

Courtesy of Electrified Reviews: Power — Bafang hub drive, 1000 nominal watts, 1500 peak watts, 160 Newton meters of torque Speed  — 35+ mph Battery and Range — 48 volt 17 ah, 40 miles Pedal assist sensor — Torque sensor Display — Bafang...

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The Rooster 750w eBike: Comfort Cruising at Its Best!

The best combination of features and value: The Rambo Rooster is powered with fun for your next city cruise! Electric bikes offer versatility, comfort, affordability, and sheer fun factor. Living in a populated urban city, cars might offer comfort, but where's the...

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Assistance your Outdoor Adventures with The Venom

Outdoor adventures and eBikes make the perfect combo! Rambo Bikes introduces the new 2021 addition to the hunting bike collection: The Venom 1000 XPR – Best of the best, all-in-one eBike! At Rambo Bikes, we strive to provide the best hunting eBike experience in the...

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The Prowler 1000w eBike – Your Hunting Companion

Are you looking for an easier and stress-free way to get to the roughest hunting trails? The Prowler e-bike by Rambo can be your ultimate hunting partner! When you plan a long-awaited hunt for the weekend, an electric bike constructed explicitly for off-roads and...

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The Top 3 Best E-Bikes for Hunting

Love the adventure and thrill? What’s better than going to a hunt with your favorite electric bike!? For a few years now, electric hunting bikes have evolved into riders’ everyday choices, especially for their outdoor pursuits. Previously, e-bikes were restricted to...

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The Rambo Cruiser: Perfect Fit for Hunters

Are you a hunting lover or an outdoor enthusiast, and you’re looking for the perfect hunting electric bike? You’re in the right place. Rambo brings you together with the ultimate riding and hunting experience with its Rambo Cruiser that is now available in three...

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My First Buck

It was time to head out for our final hunt of our trip. It was the last night,  and we were headed home tomorrow. I was super excited as I painted my face “Rambo Style”, and put my sent free camo on. My uncle Nathan, our friend Tyler, Dad and I got into the ranger and...

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Rambo Hunting E-Bikes – Electric Boarding Co. Favorites

  Why our customers love Rambo Hunting Bikes… Rambo electric bikes have always been at the forefront of hunting e-bikes for all consumers looking for elite and high-quality off-road electric vehicles. Unlike your standard off road ATV or buggy, electric bikes...

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