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This Fat Tire Bike Hauler makes transporting your Rambo Bikes with ease. With universal top clamps and adjustable base for tires. Your bike is sure to have a secure fit. It folds compact for easy storage. Has a pivoting feature allowing tailgate or hatch to open while hauler is is still attached to your vehicle.


  • Construction: Steel with Powder Coated Finish
  • 2 Bike Capacity
  • Heavy Duty 145lb weight rating
  • Fits in 2″ Receiver
  • For use with: All bike tire sizes: 16″-29″

11 reviews for Fat Tire Bike Hitch Hauler

  1. Keith Lageman

    This hauler is very easy to use and out together. Hauls 2 bikes nicely. Both of my bikes have rear racks and saddle bags and they fit on there very well. Nice product to have for on the back of the SUV or if you have the back of your truck full.

  2. Tyler Mitchell

    Awesome rack! Fits very well and doesn’t wobble like a lot of the other ones.

  3. Mitch

    This bike hauler is awesome. Very stiff holds my 2 Rambo bikes great! All mounts are on the wheels so you dont have to worry about rubbing your frame and paint on your bike. Built very sturdy with some adjustment to mounting bikes. I highly recommend this hauler!

  4. Greg

    I have been very impressed with this rack. I have been hauling a 70 lb. fat tire bike, and it has been very stable. The included threaded pin secures the hitch against the receiver without wobble. Better still, a threaded lock pin that I had worked with the internally welded nut for security as well as stability. I find it very easy to mount and remove my bike – simple and fast.

  5. Carl

    Assembly manual, we need one to put ours together. Can someone email me one.
    Called Rambo, they said they would email me one. They did not?

    • Rambo – Customer Service

      Hello Carl, We just finalized the new version this morning. It can be found here under the “Product Manuals”: https://www.rambobikes.com/how-tos/

  6. Diane Bisson

    We struggled to find a rack that would accommodate our fat tire bikes (4” tires and 73# before pulling the battery out). This rack is very stable, the bikes are very secure between the molded front tire cradle, the back tire support with strap, and the padded support that locks over the front wheel. The only item needed is a locking cable to secure against theft.

  7. Scott C

    We’ve had this carrier for more than 6 months and love it!! We have two 70 lbs bikes and this carrier effortlessly hauls them!! Assembly was easy!! However, i wish there was information on a locking threaded hitch pin that works with this carrier – it would be nice to be able to lock it.

  8. Henry Kakes

    Very disappointed after spending $399 to buy this rack for my brand new Megatron. Assembled the unit, installed it on my truck only to find out my Megatron is to long to fit the rack. Sure would have great if the specifications mentioned this!

    • Rambo – Customer Service

      Henry, could you please send a photo of the rack to [email protected]? You may have the front wheel tray on backwards which would make the Megatron not fit.

  9. Josh

    Don’t buy a Rambo bike hauler if you have a Rambo Rooster, they are not compatible. The Rooster is somehow too long for the hauler so the tires are barely sitting in the rear wheel holder and the “front” tire bar can’t go on the front tire because of the fender. This makes it so you have to latch that bar over the frame of the bike, thus wouldn’t be too big of a deal if you could rotate the bar but you can’t so you have to load the rear bike first and then hopefully be strong enough to load the front bike on with the other bike completely in the way and finagle the bar over the frame while tilting the bike. So it’s technically possible to use but completely ridiculous and would be impossible if you are not a fit 30 year old man. This product is absolute garbage for $400. Shame on you Rambo bikes for selling this trash

  10. Josh

    Please disregard my first review it was written with the frustration of trying to set up and leave for a trip. I see after reading other reviews I had the tire holders on backwards. Sorry for the that

  11. ET

    Just traveled 1500 miles, over some really bad roads in IL, MN,WI, and MI. No issues whatsoever, very pleased with the rack👍

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