Rambo Gun/Bow Holder

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Truly make your Rambo and hunting travel tool by adding the Universal Gun/Bow Holder mount. This lightweight attachment allows for secure attachment of any gun, bow, or even fishing poles. Don’t forget about a crossbow too for hands free and safe travel with your hunting weapon.

  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • For Use with: All Rambo Bikes
  • Attaches by Velcro
  • Note: R150 G2 Extra Large Luggage rack is also required to allow installation and proper use of this accessory.

2 reviews for Rambo Gun/Bow Holder

  1. Andy

    Fishing Rod, Bow, Rifle.. it carries it all. Awesome product!

  2. Lee

    2 issues: 1.) Does not work with Tenpoint’s carbon nitro RDX crossbow without replacing the bottom stock shelf with a custom built shelf, and 2.) Without any real means of dampening your weapon, if you have a scope on your weapon, it will take a serious beating while riding down anything other than smooth pavement. If your weapon has a scope, don’t expect to hit what your aiming at when you get to your hunting stand.

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