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750 Watts
Power Traction
35 Miles
3 Speeds
Battery Range Speeds / Gears
Grass / Bush

Built Rambo Tough

The Rambo Roamer, 750 XC. This bike comes standard with a 48-volt 14AH Samsung battery allowing you to travel up to 35 miles on one charge and a 750W high torque mid drive motor, this bike has plenty of power to get you to your destination. The Roamer features a Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal geared hub which allows this bike to operate without a traditional derailleur system. There are three ways to operate this bike, pedal assist, meaning as you pedal the motor kicks in to assist you or FULL THROTTLE or shut the motor off and just pedal like a traditional Mtn Bike. This electric bike also features 4” Kenda Krusade tires, these tires have a Kevlar anti-puncture lining to help prevent flats when riding off-road. Also, to note about these tires is Rambo’s built tough – solid double wall w/o holes rim, this helps eliminates mud, water, debris and sticks from getting inside and damaging your tire, unlike most fat tire bikes out there that have the holes inside the rim. Another important feature of the Rambo Roamer is the front GT-MRK suspension fork. This allows for a much smoother ride going off-road and over bumpy terrain.

Our Battery

Rambo’s frame integrated batteries allow the battery sit lower on the bike frame than a standard battery. By placing the 48v 14AH battery lower on the frame it helps keep the weight lower and gives the bike a faster, more responsive ride. The 14-amp hour battery can give you a max distance of 35 miles! Not all batteries are equal. In fact, not even close. Many e-bikes that are advertised on the market today at a certain amp hour fall very short. Real life tests show Rambo outperforms again and again! Don’t be fooled for less the than best!

Bafang 750w Mid-Drive Motor

Rambo chose to use Bafangs legendary BBS02 powerful mid-drive motor. The BBS02 motor has been a leader in the ebike world for a decade. The BBS02 features an integrated speed sensor and has a nominal power of 750W and a peak rating of 1000W, a reduction ratio of 1: 21.9 and a maximum torque of 120 N.m, Giving the rider great explosive force when taking off. Highly strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding joy and the “Rambo Smile” This motor is suitable for use of riding on terrains such as mountain bikes, sand bikes and for those adrenaline seeking riders who love power.



  • MODEL #: 750 XC
  • WEIGHT: 63 lbs.
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • PAINT: TrueTimber Viper Woodland Camo
  • MOTOR: Bafang 750W BBS02 High Torque Mid Drive
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Bafang C965
  • BATTERY: 48v 14AH
  • REAR HUB: Sturmey Archer 3 Speed
  • THROTTLE: Thumb throttle
  • FRONT BRAKE: Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • REAR BRAKE: Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • TIRE: Kenda Krusade Anti-Puncture 26" x 4.0"
  • RIM: Double Wall W/O holes 80mm wide
  • PEDAL: Neco Alloy
  • SADDLE: Justec
  • GRIP: Velo Ergonomic Lock On
  • RANGE: Up to 35 miles
  • FRAME SIZE: 19"

Key Features

750 XC Camo Roamer LCD 2 Rambo Roamer 750w XC Camo Roamer Back End 2 Rambo Roamer 750 XC Camo Roamer Brakes Front 2 Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric BikeRambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike
LCD: Trip Distance, battery level, power, and speed. 3 Speed Sturmey Archery Fully adjustable Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm Brake Saddle:
Tektro Seat
Rambo Roamer 750 XC Camo Roamer Handlebars Left 2 Rambo Roamer 750 XC Camo Roamer Handlebars Right 2 Rambo Roamer 750 XC Camo Roamer Brakes Front 2
Left handle bar controls for electric motor. Right handle bar for pedal gears with thumb throttle for electric motor. Fully adjustable Rear Tektro 180mm brake. Kenda Krusade 26" x 4.0" Fat Tire with Double Wall 80mm Rims.

18 reviews for The Roamer

  1. Houman

    Got my bike a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how quickly it shipped! It’s an UNREAL experience riding this thing. It’s got massive tires that will roll over absolutely anything. The motor along with the gear ratios let you climb virtually anything. It looks and feels indestructible. Oh, even the camo pattern is really sharp. All in all so far, I love the bike and can not kill that battery!! Just keeps going. Can’t wait to use it more as summer rolls around. I also got the kayak trailer with mine. No trouble pulling a massive kayak (95 lb) and the trailer at all!

  2. Quinn L.

    This bike is a whitetail hunters dream. Internal gears and front suspension. And the power is great. I will never go back to a hub drive e-bike again after this.

  3. ryan redman

    I cannot even begin to explain how this bike has changed my life. I do not write reviews, but this product is a homerun. I cant wait for my next one!

  4. Debbie L.

    Great ride. By far the best purchase I have made this year.

  5. Albert H

    After researching this is the best value for the cost you can buy if you want a capable bike. The internal hub keeps you out of trouble and still gives you gearing. The middrive motor is the only way to go, even the it costs alot more. Great bike for cruising or hunting. I ride mine 4 times a week. Nice job team Rambo on this one.

  6. Timmy John

    I would rave about their line of accessories just as much as I would rave about the bike. Get the rack, cart, bags, and the bike hauler and you wont be disaapointed. This baby has changed my life. Wife is next on the list for getting the 24″ Rambo.

  7. Ryan Well

    Rambo has one my heart. This is my 3rd one. They have been great to deal with and build great bikes. Keep it rocking!

  8. Jason J

    Beast of a bike. Have 700 miles and still rocking strong! Looking at the 1000XPFS for my next ride, just saving up! 🙂 I also have the truck bed pad and it works good for me. Easy on and off and no damage. I use mine for fising, but I bought the R180 Rambo cart and that works good for fishing and also yard work/etc. This bike has been a gamechanger.

  9. Miranda S

    I love how the Roamer looks! I’ve caught my husband taking it for a ride himself on multiple occasions 😉

  10. Jeff F

    This was my official first electric bike, and now I probably wont be riding my old bike for awhile now.

  11. Grady L

    This is my first ebike and so far I couldn’t be more satisfied!

  12. Cameron F

    I recently decided to upgrade my ebike situation to Rambo Bikes and I honestly wish I made the change a long time ago. This is a huge step up from previous ride.

  13. Bob W

    Love the bike and the customer service is the best. Answered all my questions and then some.

  14. Robert Turner

    After reading some reviews on this bike i decided to pull the trigger. Supper happy i did!

  15. DAN ESCH

    I had some issues with my first Rambo, but the company stood behind their product and took care of all of it like you want a company to do !!! They are a top notch company

  16. Jim West

    Had my Roamer for only 16 days now and just got the chance to start riding it day before yesterday. I live about 8 city blocks from my work in town and it takes 7-10 minutes to get there in my truck depending on all the red lights & stop signs traffic in between. I can Rambo up the local bike trail, which runs from my house to past my work, and be there in 5 minutes flat. Although I bought my 750W XC for hunting WMA’s, it’s the most excellent commuter bike to and from work and bumping in and around town. I haven’t even gotten it off the beaten path yet since deer season is now closed, but I can already tell this thing is going to be a beast in the woods. I’ll be out in the squirrel woods with it tomorrow for it’s first off road trial run but I have no worries it will do everything I want on the WMA Trails and more. Love the power but my greatest surprise is how much I love the pedal assist. I just set mine on 1 and cruise thru town, errybody starin’! 🙂 It’s been a great investment so far! Only upgrades I can wish for so far is that lcd display had a real time digital clock and a headlight’s just gotta be a stock standard on a true hunting bike, doesn’t it??? Everything else is ALL GOOD!!!!!!

  17. Tony Warden

    I have been using this model for for a year now and I’ve put on just over 1000 miles, most of it in the backwoods of Alaska. This is an awesome bike. I am over 6ft and 200+lbs and I’m very comfortable riding it. When I add my gear and tow cart it has no problem handling the weight. You can’t go wrong with this baby!

  18. Jane

    I purchased this e-bike for my husband after purchasing another brand of hunting e-bike for myself. If I did not have experience with another brand, I would likely be thrilled with the Rambo Roamer – it is a solid e-bike for the money, and I’m not convinced it is worth another $2000+/- for the other brand. That being said, the Rambo Roamer does have a few features that are annoying. First, it is sold as a 5-speed – it is not, it is a 3-speed. And the frame is marked 2021, so it should have the 5-speed as advertised. It also has a battery ON/OFF switch. Even if you turn off the display, the battery continues to run down, so when the battery is left ON overnight, it is dead in 24 hours. My package included the fenders (plastic sheets – fairly worthless) and the large rear pannier rack, which interferes with seat adjustment. The pros are great ride, plenty of power, mid-drive hub (and excellent price point for the mid-drive hub!!). So far less than 100 miles, and we look forward to putting many more miles on it. As I said before, solid e-bike for the money and I would encourage anyone looking to purchase a hunting e-bike to give serious consideration to purchasing a Rambo roamer. Once you’ve ridden an e-bike, there is no going back, these bikes are serious fun!

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