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500 Watts
Power Traction
35 Miles
7 Speeds
Battery Range Speeds / Gears
Grass / Bush

Built Rambo Tough

The Rambo Cruiser is the perfect entry level electric bike for someone who is just getting started. The 500W mid drive motor in conjunction with the 7-speed derailleur creates a good balance of speed and climbing ability. The bike can be used on pavement as well go off-road with ease. The Cruiser works with many of Rambo’s great accessories including front and rear rack, front suspension fork, and fenders allowing the rider to customize the bike to fit their needs.

Our Battery

Rambo’s external battery packs utilize the power of lithium ion cells.  This reliability ensures your bike will be ready when you are, whether it is hunting, weekend riding or daily commuting. The easy slide on/off design allows for quick and easy removal for charging or storage. Rambo’s external battery back offers a max distance of 35 miles!  Not all batteries are equal. In fact, not even close. Many e-bikes that are advertised on the market today at a certain amp hour fall very short. Real life tests show Rambo outperforms again and again! Don’t be fooled for less the than best!

500W Mid-Drive TruckRun Motor

Powerful high torque mid drive motor provides excellent power and performance. This motor has a nominal power rating of 500W and a peak power rating of 750W. This motor has a maximum torque of 145 N.m. Also this motor features a high speed reduction ratio similar to the Tesla motors! The 500W mid-drive motor is perfect for most applications, delivering a even balance of motor performance and battery longevity.



  • MODEL #: 500w
  • WEIGHT: 59 lbs.
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • PAINT: Matte Black
  • MOTOR: 500W High Torque
  • BATTERY: 48V 10.4AH
  • FORK: Aluminum 26” x 4” Tapered Rigid
  • Rear Cassette: 12T-32T 7 Speed
  • FRONT HUB: Rambo Sealed Bearing
  • REAR HUB: Rambo Sealed Bearing
  • THROTTLE: Thumb throttle
  • FRONT BRAKE: Tektro 180mm
  • REAR BRAKE: Tektro 180mm
  • TIRE: Kenda Krusade 26” x 4.0”
  • RIM: Double Wall W/O holes 80mm wide
  • PEDAL: Neco Alloy
  • SADDLE: Justec
  • HANDLEBAR: 730mm with 60mm rise
  • STEM: 60mm
  • GRIP: Ergonomic Lock On
  • RANGE: 35 miles
  • FRAME SIZE: 19″ Medium

Key Features

Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric BikeRambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike
LCD: Trip Distance, battery level, power, and speed. 7 Speed Cassette.
Fully adjustable Front Tektro 180mm Brake. Saddle:
Tektro Seat
Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike Rambo 500w Cruiser Electric Bike
Left handle bar controls for electric motor. Right handle bar for pedal gears with thumb throttle for electric motor. Fully adjustable Rear Tektro 180mm brake. Kenda Krusade 26" x 4.0" Fat Tire with Double Wall 80mm Rims.


Rambo 500w Cruiser ebike Dimensions

Cruiser Support

Check out our educational videos on the Cruiser ebike! Assembly, your first ride, and more!

Cruiser Support

21 reviews for The Cruiser

  1. Adam B

    I’m still breaking mine in, only have 200 miles on it so far :). I owned a cheaper e-bike that used a hub motor instead of a mid drive. I am glad a made the switch. SO MUCH more POWER for getting up hills. I was happy to see the old one head down the road!

  2. Ronnie C

    This bike blows the competition away. Don’t be fooled by the hub drive bike companies selling scaled back bikes that are breaking. This is my third bike and I wont be buying anything other than Rambo from here on out. Thanks Rambo for a great bike at a great price. You cant find a well built mid drive motor for this price with a company like Rambo to back it up if you need service.

  3. Chris F

    So I bought this bike originally because of the price and because it used mid-drive power. I am already at 700 miles on the bike, so far it has worked as advertised. I had to call Rambo Customer Service on assembly (i am not the most technical person in the work is an understatement). Talked to a real human and they walked me through it easily. Brakes are solid and quiet. Motor is also silent and has the hill climbing power I need.

  4. FoxyR

    What a price for this quality of bike. Nicely done. Everything has been great.

  5. Kathy M

    I absolutely love my cruiser! I’m about to hit over 200 miles on this bike and it hasn’t had any problems so far.

  6. George M

    If your debating on wether or not go with Rambo you wont be disappointed. The Cruiser has been fun to ride around so far and has been a fun cruise around bike.

  7. Cooper

    A great bike. Makes the adventure all the more fun.

  8. Karen

    I Love this bike! Great starter Ebike & easy to use!

  9. Ken

    Best purchase, makes biking more fun!

  10. Steve

    I purchase this bike about two weeks ago and love it son far. I have put about a 150 miles on it. I’m a really big guy and it handles me no problem. I had previously test driven a hub mount bike and it didn’t do much for me on hills. This bike with the mid drive rocks on hills

  11. Michael

    For someone who hasn’t driven in almost 5 years, this bike hauls myself, my dog, and whatever we bring us wherever we want to go. Customer service is top notch, anybody thinking about getting any other brand at this price point should reconsider. Rambo Bikes for the win.

  12. walter karnes

    looks good i would like to try it

  13. Bart

    Absolutely love this bike, it’s made riding fun again. Instead of worrying about slowing down my friends that bike regularly, not having to worry about too strenuous hills and just being able to relax and let the motor take over. I have even helped my girlfriend up a hill by riding next to her. Best investment. Can’t wait for my son to get a little bigger so I can give him this one and upgrade to another Rambo Bike.

  14. Stanley E. Frank

    Ihavent bought an e bike yet,,I was wondering how and where I would get service and maintenance if I buy one of your bikes, and I live in virginia, Illinois 62691

  15. Walter Samuel Chapman

    The hills where I live are a nightmare on a regular mountain bike and one of these would save me a lot of sweat and sore legs not to mention get around much faster. When I save enough money I’ll try to get one of these Rambo bikes. Tired of wearing myself out going up these awful hills.

  16. Jessica R

    Loving it! I live in Anchorage Alaska and love single track trail riding, but I needed a little help. I wasn’t frustrated/crying when trying to go up a steep hill yesterday with my family! (I have autoimmune stuff happening which makes things a little more challenging.) I’ve used it twice I two days and it was great for trail riding! Perfect weight, so it doesn’t compromise handling on twisty trails!! Buying studs for the winter and my battery went down 1 bar! Speed 1 out of 5, and turned it on and off as needed for the trail! So glad I made the plunge!! Bring on winter!! Thanks Rambo!

  17. Collin Sullivan

    I love how you guys don’t post my review. Guess I will just leave it everywhere else I can find. Pretty dishonest but guess I am not surprised

    • Rambo – Customer Service

      Hello Collin, I don’t see any prior reviews posted on our website. Please give us a call and let us know what is going on, we’re here to help! Customer Service: 952-283-0777

  18. Dylan Johnston

    Just got my cruiser 500 a few weeks ago and so far I am very pleased. I had one minor issue with it when it arrived and the people at Rambo were very quick to correct it. The bike and the customer service are amazing which is hard to find these days. I will say the only downfall of the cruiser 500 so far is no suspension which isn’t a major concern of mine it would just be nice to have. Other than that I absolutely love it.

  19. Gordon Booze

    I bought mine last summer and I cant leave it alone. This bike keeps making me proud of purchasing this bike over the others in this price range. I love how I can fly by the competition with ease. I’m 6 ft tall 170 lbs and I have reached 35 mph and a range of 45 miles! I’m loving it! BTW I’ve put on 1000 miles without having to work on it or adjust anything! Excellent investment!

  20. Stephen Summerlin

    Great bike for the low price. This bike is everything I expected and more. Not really made for steep hills, but neither am I. This beast takes me all the way into my treestand with all my gear and no sweat for real. I climb up to my treestand cool and ready to hunt. Big advantage.

  21. Jake

    How fast is it on full speed

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