Coil Suspension Fork Upgrade

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Riding through rough terrain has never been easier than with the coil suspension fork upgrade for your Rambo 750w Savage. The spring-loaded forks makes going over bumps and divots smooth while still allowing you to maintain control. Note: Adding front suspension to a bike with ridged forks will raise the front of the bike. This will increase the stand over height. Depending on model this can increase the stand over height up to 2”.


  • Not compatible with any front racks
  • If you don’t know the year or model of your bike, please call our Customer Service at: 952-283-0777

1 review for Coil Suspension Fork Upgrade

  1. Mike Brust

    Super upgrade! We ride on rough trails and in the woods and switching to this made a huge difference in both comfort and control. Change-out was simple and there is even an online video to walk you through it.

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