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1000 Watts
Power Traction
40 Miles
Variable Hub
Battery Range Speeds / Gears
Grass / Bush

Built Rambo Tough

The Prowler is silent but deadly. Using a gearless technology from Enviolo, the rear hub has a huge 380% gear range! Stepless shifting enables a continuous motion between the gear ratios allowing you to cycle at your exact desired cadence. The Bafang 1000w Ultra Drive Motor is virtually silent, pair it with the Samsung 48v 17ah battery – you’ll cruise up to 40 miles per charge.  If that isn’t enough, the new TrueTimber VSX camo paint pattern is 100% exclusive to Rambo.

Our Battery

Rambo’s frame integrated batteries allow the battery sit lower on the bike frame than a standard battery. By placing it lower on the frame it helps keep the weight lower and gives the bike a faster, more responsive ride. Our integrated battery packs use the very best lithium ion batteries. Our integrated batteries are designed to be universal and allow you to upgrade to a whopping 17-amp hour battery! The 17-amp hour battery can give you a max distance of 40 miles! Not all batteries are equal. In fact, not even close. Many e-bikes that are advertised on the market today at a certain amp hour fall very short. Real life tests show Rambo outperforms again and again! Don’t be fooled for less the than best!


The Ultra Drive 1000w mid-drive motor is a cyclist dream, using three sensors to gage the speed and pedal torque this motor gives you unmatched control and comfort. The Max Drive delivers a nominal power rating of 1000W and a peak rating of 1500W. The Max Drive System puts out a maximum torque of more than 160 N.m, This motor operates in virtual silence while powering you at 1000W. The modular motor design and integrated controller make disassembly, repair or maintenance easier than ever.

Enviolo CVP Hub Technology

Stepless shifting enables a continuous motion between the gear ratios allowing you to cycle at your exact desired cadence. Enviolo lets you change gear ratio in any ride condition without ever having to stop pedaling or backpedal. The hub offers a near silent and smooth ride. No more sounds of a jumping chain or clicking of the controller, just the sounds of the outdoors.



  • MODEL #: 1000 XPE
  • WEIGHT: 70lbs.
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • PAINT: TrueTimber VSX
  • MOTOR: Bafang 1000w Ultra Drive
  • BATTERY: 48v 17ah
  • FORK: GT860 Air
  • FRONT HUB: KT-M0CF 150mm Sealed
  • REAR HUB: Enviolo CVT
  • THROTTLE: Thumb throttle
  • FRONT BRAKE: Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 203mm
  • REAR BRAKE: Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • CHAIN RING: Rambo Custom 44T Narrow Wide
  • TIRE: Maxxis Minion FBF, FBR 27.5" x 3.8"
  • RIM: Double Wall W/O holes 70mm wide
  • PEDAL: Wellgo B807DU
  • SADDLE: Selle Royal A027HEO
  • HANDLEBAR: Promax 770mm
  • STEM: Promax MA-50
  • GRIP: Velo 100mm / 122mm lock on
  • RANGE: up to 40 miles
  • FRAME SIZE: 19.7″ Medium

Key Features

Full Color Display Eviolo CVP Rear Hub.
380% Gear Range
Fully adjustable Front Tektro 4 piston 203mm Selle Royal A027HEO
Left handle bar controls for electric motor. Right handle bar for pedal gears with thumb throttle for electric motor. Fully adjustable Rear Tektro 4 Piston 180mm brake. Maxxis Minion 27.5" x 3.8" Fat Tire


Rambo Bikes 1000w Prowler Electric Bike

Prowler Support

Check out our educational videos on the Prowler ebike! Assembly, your first ride, and more

Prowler Support

1 review for The Prowler

  1. Peter Ralph

    Shopping for a belt drive fat tire ebike so I could still ride in the winter for exercise and fun is slim pickings. FLX Blade and Watt Wagon were contenders but I couldn’t justify upwards of $7-8k. While not belt drive the Prowler is the only other good looking non derailleur fat tire e-bike. First time with the Nuvinci hub and I love it. Great range, low maintenance and should in theory be durable. I’m a 56 yr old 6’1″ 180 lbs recreational rider and the geometry is great for me, its a big bike but with a 29″ standover height, smaller riders should be fine too. Things I love: 27.5×3.8 tires, I find them more versatile than 26×4 for average riding. Upside down forks, smooth and adjustable and more than adequate for a rec bike. Tektro hydraulic brakes, Bafang Ultra mid drive motor and simple color display. Quieter than I expected. Very clean looking bike with the integrated battery. There are some UGLY monstrosities out there!
    But what’s the range? 5 power levels in 2 modes, eco and sport plus the thumb throttle, more on that later. I predominantly ride a 16 mile paved trail loop and its usually 20 to 40 degrees out with some packed snow here and there. Eco mode level one overcomes the weight and resistance so it rides like my old Alaskan carbon fat bike, great for exercise. Note, you don’t want to be pedaling this without assist unless you literally are RAMBO. Level 2 gives you a light push. 16 miles on level 1 and 2 and I’m getting a mild workout and down to about 75-78% battery so fair to assume you’d get about 60 or so miles using light assist on pavement which is a decent max range. Start upping the power levels though and the range goes down quite quickly. Use the thumb throttle and its very thirsty, haven’t measured it yet but Id guess 8-10 miles but man what a blast! its like riding a motorcycle, huge grin factor. What I don’t love? not much so far, first delivered the tan color by accident, not so pretty for me but it was quickly swapped for the camo, and while not a hunter I love the subtle camo color. Would love for it to come with the Gates belt drive for even simpler operation. The movie is a cult classic, I cringe a bit when my GF asks if I’m riding RAMBO today! I just nod slowly and confidently.

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