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Bike Overview

The Rambo Savage 2.0 e-bike is a high-performance off-road electric bike designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want the power of a mid-drive bike without breaking the bank.

The smooth, powerful, and whisper-quiet Rambo 750-1000w hub motor, powered by Bafang, is a climbing machine and features an integrated speed sensor. The Rambo 750-1000w hub motor has a peak rating of 1200W, nominal power of 1000W, a reduction ratio of 1:21.9. The Rambo 750-1000w hub motor has a massive 90 N.m. of torque for hill climbing power and acceleration. Don’t be fooled by other E-Bike companies using inferior motors to keep their price down. Many even claim to use 1000W motors but only provide 55 N.m. of Torque. Torque equals Climbing Power, not wattage! Some motors are unnecessarily loud while some are whisper quiet. Some of the most expensive bikes sold have loud motors. Make sure you buy a bike that has a motor that aligns with your mission.

The Savage allows the rider to use throttle power only for greater control and flexibility, power assist mode, or remove the throttle altogether if local laws require this. The 48V 15Ah battery, providing riders with up to 48 miles of range on a single charge (See range chart below for more information). Not all E-Bike battery brands are created equal. So don’t take the chance of using an off-brand battery.

The Savage features a sturdy high quality 6061 T6 aluminum frame that can withstand the rigors of off-road riding. The frame is designed to be both lightweight and durable, making it easy to maneuver on rough terrain while providing plenty of stability and support. One of the standout features of the Rambo Savage is its fat tires, which measure 4 inches wide and provide excellent traction on loose dirt, sand, and snow yet still a good option for on-road use because of its quite tread design. This makes the bike well-suited for off-road adventure, as well as for commuting in areas with rough terrain or inclement weather.

The Savage comes equipped with an 8-speed drivetrain, allowing riders to easily adjust their speed and power output to match the terrain. This makes it easy to climb hills and navigate rough trails without getting bogged down. There is a large difference in climbing power using an 8 speed mid-drive powered bike vs using an 8 speed powered with a hub motor. Educate yourself before buying. Learn about the important difference by Clicking here.

The Rambo Savage has a variety of accessory options, including fenders, a front and rear rack, front suspension fork, storage bags, trailers, the list goes on! These accessories make the bike more practical and versatile, allowing riders to use it for a wide range of activities and tasks suited to each person’s mission.

Overall, the Rambo Savage e-bike is a versatile and durable off-road electric bike that is well-suited for pretty much any mission whether is everyday commuting, or riding in the mountains on steep terrain-all in a package that is affordable. If you’re looking for a high quality, high torque, reliable bike that has tremendous value, this is the bike for you!


  • Motor:750W-1000W Rambo hub motor, powered by Bafang
  • Performance: Peak Rating 1200W, 90nm of Torque, nominal power of 1000W
  • Battery: 48v 15ah 720WH with LG branded cells 
  • Range: Up to 48 Miles See range explained below
  • Speed: Up to 30mph
  • Display: Featuring Adjustable Class System (ACS)  and waterproof
  • Front Brake: 180mm Logan with dual-piston pads and integrated electric safety cutoff
  • Rear Brake: 180mm Logan with dual-piston pads and integrated electric safety cutoff
  • Tires: All Terrain Capable Kenda 24”x 4” Tire with Anti Puncture Technology
  • Frame: High Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Throttle: Right Side Twist Throttle
  • Gear System: Shimano High Performance 8 Speed, 11-34T for 280% gear range
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Rim: Extreme Strength Double Wall Aluminum Alloy to prevent rim damage during off-road and rough trail terrain
  • Chain: KMC Branded Z8. Specially made for high-performance E-Bike power
  • Pedal: Extra wide Wellgo aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 54lbs with battery removed. Battery weight 7lbs.
  • Model: Savage 2.0 750W MCC (Multicam), 750W FDE (Flat Dark Earth), 750W BK (Matte Black)

What's In The Box

  • Your new Bike! The bike comes almost fully assembled to your doorstep. Just a few minutes and no specialty tool required, and you will be riding.
  • Fully Integrated Digital Waterproof LCD Display upgrade ($129 Value)
  • Upgraded Smart Charger ($180 Value)
  • Upgraded 15ah battery with LG branded cells ($249 value) Don’t risk using off brand battery cells!
  • Rambo Savage Instruction Manual
  • FREE Lifetime Support of your Rambo Savage E-Bike from our US based team!

Accessories for your new Bike!

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The bike that lit the world on fire and started ALL the buzz! The #1 Selling E-Bike in its class for 7 years running! The ORIGINAL e-bike still stands as a tried-and-true bike in our lineup. The Savage 2.0 is a solid bike for many missions so don’t be fooled by the affordable pricepoint. Unlike other bikes using the hub motors, we spend countless hours designing the controller to outperform the others by leaps and bounds. This bike is built to perform like a RAMBO. Rambo’s entry-level bikes are built better than 95% of other E-Bikes “High End” bikes. If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-torque, reliable bike option that has tremendous value, this is the bike for you!

When you buy a Rambo, you're investing in:

Bike Savage 750w New V21. Brakes

180mm Full Adjustable front and rear Logan Brakes with integrated safety cutoff.

Bike Savage 750w New V22. Motor

750w-1000w Rambo 750-1000w hub motor powered by Bafang. Peak Rating 1200w, 90nm of Torque, nominal power of 1000w.

Bike Savage 750w New V23. Battery

48V 15AH LG Lithium Ion Battery with a Range of up to 48 Miles!

Bike Savage 750w New V24. Digital Display

Featuring Adjustable Class System (ACS)  and waterproof


Bike Savage 750w New V25. Tires

Kenda 24"x4" tires with Anti-Puncture technology


Bike Savage 750w New V26. Derailleur

Shimano High Performance 8 Speed providing 280% gear range.





 PAS  Standard Range  Long Range


 45 Miles  58 Miles


 35 Miles  50 Miles


 25 Miles  35 Miles


 21 Miles  30 Miles


 17 Miles  25 Miles

 Throttle Only

   Standard Range  


 22 Miles  


Average Range  


 25 Miles  


Long Range  


 32 Miles  



rambo savage 2 electric bike dimensions

Savage Support

Check out our educational videos on the Savage ebike! Assembly, your first ride, and more!

Savage Support

More Accessories for the Savage 750w eBike


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  • Rambo PDW eBike Rear Fender

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  • Double Saddle Accessory Bag

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  • Rambo Electric Bike Kayak Trailer20000

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    Logo TB Hoodie – Vintage Black



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