Fat Tire Electric Bikes


Here at Rambo we pride ourselves on being avid hunters. We took the fat tire electric bike concept and turned into a silent and deadly tool in our arsenal of hunting accessories. But we are not JUST hunters; from the beaches of Florida to the woods of Michigan, the mountains of Montana and of course the lakes of Minnesota, we are every day outdoor junkies!

We eat, live and breath the outdoors and we are always looking for our next adventure…take a look below to see how we use our Rambo Fat Tire eBikes on adventures across the great outdoors!


When the Tom’s stop strutting, the Elk stop bugling and the Bucks stop chasing we take some family time and hit the campgrounds with our bikes! Rambo makes a great tool for campground cruising.

Whether its hauling campfire wood with your fat tire electric bike from the check-in office to your site, hauling your cooler over your buddies campsite or pulling the kids around in the burley to and from the beach, Rambo electric bikes make it a breeze. Simply attach our Rambo Bike Hauler to the back of your truck or camper, load up the Rambos and away you go.


Getting low on groceries? Need a quick cruise around the neighborhood? Need an alternative ride to work because the ‘better half’ left you with a car on empty? How about a jump start on that summer beach body (turn the motor off and pedal)?

Let Rambo take you there! Rain, Snow, Sand, Pavement….our bikes can handle it all so before you dump more money into that old gas guzzling vehicle of yours think about a Rambo!


Are you ready to get to your fishing spot easier, faster, quieter, and also able to take more gear?

Our fat tire fishing bikes and accessories are made to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether your heading into the high country to find some brookies with a fly rod, access a remote part of lake to chase spring pike, or cruise down the beach and get away from the crowds.

Our electric fat tire fishing bikes, trailers, racks and more are ready for your next fishing adventure!


Our fat tire hunting electric bikes are ready to take you to your favorite hunting spot! Whether it’s ten miles into the backcountry, into your favorite hunting lease, or scouting down forest trails. Our electric hunting bikes are ready to take you where no other hunter can easily access!

Go farther, go faster, and take more gear! Our hunting ebikes and accessories are made specifically for the conditions your hunting adventures roll in to. From our two wheel carts, single wheel cart, baskets, bags, and lights – Rambo is ready! With our proven components in each bike, you can go 30 to 60 miles per charge! Stop hunting where everyone else does, jump on a Rambo electric hunting bike and become more successful during your hunts!



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