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Pro Staff

Before Applying…

Do you have what it takes?

Are you driven, motivated, active on Social Media, enjoy attending local outdoor events, have a great eye for photography, love creating short videos, and most importantly – love your Rambo Bike? Then we encourage to apply! We’re a passionate group of hunters that love to push each season until the very end. 

Requirements and Expectations?

You bet! Being Field Staff, Pro Staff Ambassador, Influencer or TV Partnership requires a little bit of leg work not only on your end but also ours. We encourage you to apply and we’ll connect you with the appropriate program. With our tiered system, you aren’t just locked in place. You can grow with us to increase your program level. Each level comes with different requirements, expectations, and deliverables.

At this time we are not accepting any more Pro-Staff applications…

Please check back later in 2023…



Mon – Fri 8:00AM – 4:30PM CST

Email: [email protected]