I live on a 10 acre small farm and the Bushwacker from Rambo is a daily driver by not only me but my wife as well.  I acquired this 750w fat tire bike with the main intent to assist in my hunting adventures, I never dreamed it would soon become such an important tool in my everyday life

.Rambo Bushwacker 750w Electric Hunting Bike

With the layout of my property, the bushwacker is used as a more convenient, quiet four wheeler. From grabbing supplies at the shed or the quarter mile ride to the mailbox, this Rambo bike will get you there quiet, quicker and with less hassle!  I also run the back rack with saddle bags and I would recommend these to everyone.  These black waterproof accessory bags are heavy duty, tough, and double as a satchel when you reach your destination.  The saddlebags will hold anything you can imagine, here lately mine have water battles and gardening supplies from my wife’s take-over of my bike. The back rack is plenty sturdy as well, I recently threw a 50 pound sack of feed on the bike and rode it to the feed shed with no issues.  With a few bungy straps you can literally haul anything.

After owning this bike my wife and I agree we will always own a Rambo, and with the addition of a trailer we will be set. The Bushwacker from Rambo is not only a great hunting asset and workhorse around the Farm but it is a lot of fun also. The only bad thing about owning a Rambo bike is you will want to own two……