Outdoor adventures and eBikes make the perfect combo! Rambo Bikes introduces the new 2021 addition to the hunting bike collection: The Venom 1000 XPR – Best of the best, all-in-one eBike!

At Rambo Bikes, we strive to provide the best hunting eBike experience in the industry. With upgraded components, a bigger and better motor, and an integrated battery, we ensure not to stay back in the latest, trendy, and quality eBike hunter experiences. If you’re a regular hunter and an adventurer, Rambo provides you with the best electric bike that makes all your adventure dreams come true. The Rambo Venom is equipped with the best features to make you have the ultimate riding and hunting experience. With 1000 Watts Power and a 40 Miles Battery Range, Venom provides its rider with a smooth-sailing ride.

Now is the chance to fulfill all your hunting desires with the perfect camouflage bike. In other words, don’t be afraid to explore the thick woods because, with Venom being an all-in-one electricVenom 1000 XPR bike, it ensures an exciting yet safe adventure. The Venom surpasses any other electric bike by a long shot. It’s one of the best bikes in our collection, offering top quality and an overall incredible biking experience. Venom features the best internal functions, including a new Rahloff internal 14 gear speed rear hub, the amazing Maxxis Minion 26 inches by 4.6 inches tires, and the perfect hydraulic brakes with 4 pistons. All these features collaborate to make a perfect concoction, AKA: The Rambo Venom.

Following are some of the remarkable features of Venom and how those features can help in the execution of your perfect adventure.


If you are a regular electric bike fanatic, you’ll know the battery supports the entire system of the bike. That is why Venom is carefully installed with Samsung 48 Volts and a 17 Ampere battery which lasts for a good 40 miles. So as a rider, you are set to reach all your hunting goals. However, not all 17-amp hour batteries are the same as some fall very short than advertised in the market. This goes to show again how Rambo Venom outperforms as tested on several occasions. If this doesn’t convince you, maybe the fact that the battery placement is also specific to how the bike performs can convince you of how carefully thought out the whole process of engineering this bike has been. Rambo purposely placed it lower on the frame, resulting in a faster and more responsive ride through the woods. It offers you a ride no ATV or Car can give!


If you think the battery was top-notch, think again because the tires on Venom are one-of-a-kind Maxxis Minion 28 inches by 4.8 inches. We all know that Rambo aims to provide the riders with the best quality bikes, and they are sure to make no exception in the tires. With Venom being an exceptional bike, Rambo went ahead and made it perfect with the tires because Maxxis is one of the most sought-after brands for tires as they offer some of the best tires for bikes. Maxxis has perfected the craft of tires, and the Venom tires are no exception because they provide the rider with the best ride of their life through the woods. If you are an avid rider and hunter, you know of all the terrain surfaces throughout the woods and how the stability of the tires works wonders in providing an exceptional and hassle-free ride. Whether it is rocky, muddy, or grassy, Maxxis tires installed in Venom overcome them to make your hunting experience all the more fun. Furthermore, they make little to no noise as the tiniest footsteps tend to alert the hunts and scare them away. These tires are a huge plus point for the whole model as it quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, quietly transfers you from one place to another.

Full-Color Digital Display

Who doesn’t love a beautiful LED screen! Rambo included a unique LED screen in Venom to provide convenience and safety to the riders. It’s usually known as an e-assist that helps the riders know the power mode they are currently using, plus how much power their bike is left with and how much longer it can go. Not having a display is known to be a hassle among many electric bike riders; that is why Venom comes with an in-built display that works in sync with the bike itself. Furthermore, many of the functions in the bikes are controlled by the display on itself, and it informs you of the miles traveled and other minor things. It gives you the option to choose low or high input from the motor as you go along because different locations provide different amounts of power depending on the terrain. For example, you might use the max power option when climbing a steep hill or a lower amount of motor power when riding on a straight road. Venom aims to provide a smooth and stable ride as it informs you of the motor function and power consumption so that you wouldn’t be stranded in the thick woods.

The Bottom Line

Approach your hunt with superior power, strong quality tires, and an upgraded motor with our Rambo Venom 1000 XPR. Choosing the suitable eBike for your adventure is incredibly important, and that’s why the majority of hunters go through a struggle exploring the options. The Rambo Venom not only offers you milage, durability, battery life, speed, efficient built-in motor, but the eBike is the professional hunting eBike with an outlook that catches every hunters’ attention at first sight.

So, what’s your first impression of our Rambo Venom? Drop down your thoughts! However, if you can’t wait to get one for your adventures, explore through the eBike specifications and order yours today! Besides, Rambo Bikes is also providing Venom Support to help you assemble your first ride and guide you through!

We didn’t invent the eBike; we perfected it!