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Why our customers love Rambo Hunting Bikes…

Rambo electric bikes have always been at the forefront of hunting e-bikes for all consumers looking for elite and high-quality off-road electric vehicles. Unlike your standard off road ATV or buggy, electric bikes provide a much more cost efficient and quiet way of sneaking up on your game. Built also for range, the Rambo e-bike collection boast immense ranges and various color schemes to stay invisible in the wood, desert or all-terrain. Our customers love the Rambo bikes also due to their portability. With lightweight framework, these immense e-bike still only weight no more than 70 lbs or so, even with elite mid drive Bafang motors and an onboard smart display to keep track of your ride. EBC has also partnered with various veteran communities to help vets with an interest in the outdoors find a new passion, and e-bikes are the new big deal! With a money saving method and healthy living alternative to exploration, we’re proud to have Rambo e-bikes lead the vets community!


Our #1 Affordable Rambo Hunting E-Bike

The Rambo electric hunting bike collection boasts many top models with varied specs and tailored preferences, however this elite electric bike collection also has a varied price range, depending on how particular you are on pricing. Our #1 Rambo Bike this summer has been the Rambo Cruiser e-bike. This fat tire electric bike glides over all terrain surfaces, debris and rock shards, with thick Kenda Krusade 26-inch-thick tires. Marked at $1999, the Rambo Cruiser is a top seller and a great affordable hunters’ electric bike. With a 35-mile range and weighing only 59 lbs., it’s one of the lightest fat tires on the market! Also compatible with our accessories and add ons, it’s nothing shy of brilliant on a hunt!


Our #1 Electric Bike for Hunting

However, for those looking to boost their all-terrain experience, Rambo e-bikes do feature some off-road monsters that can push your range and also boast a little more from your components. Popular amongst various customers and hunters has always been the Rambo Rebel electric bike. The Rambo Rebel e-bike model features upgraded Maxxis Minion 26-inch tires, piston hydraulic brakes and the elite Bafang 1000W drive. Not for the faint hearted, this off-road champion has a range of 48 miles and a weight capacity of 300lbs, while additional extras to add on include rear racks and mud guards when tackling your next journey.

By The Electric Boarding Company

Rambo Electric Bikes