It was time to head out for our final hunt of our trip. It was the last night,  and we were headed home tomorrow. I was super excited as I painted my face “Rambo Style”, and put my sent free camo on. My uncle Nathan, our friend Tyler, Dad and I got into the ranger and Liz drove us out to the spot. Dad and Tyler left to walk out to their stands, and then she brought us to our RedNeck Blind, and we got all set up. Once we were ready, about 20 minutes later, we had the first doe come out of the woods with a small buck behind her. Then a fly came into the blind, Nathan said “This d**n fly is gonna annoy me!” He got a little bag that he had his range finder in and tried to kill the fly and missed. It made a really loud bang and scared the two deer away.

Next, 3 bucks came out from the trail and one of them was the buck that I shot. Then, deer by deer kept coming out! It was about 50 deer that piled into the bean field and about 20 of them were bucks. We waited a little longer and it was getting dark fast! Then the little bucks started to chase the does around. Then one chased a doe into the food plot in front of us. Nathan said, “The rut has started my friend!” We were talking a little bit and then a monster 10 point buck came from the woods and we were trying to figure out how old he might be, then I looked up from my binoculars and my throat got dry, my hands got shaky and my heart started beating really fast-  I might get a chance at a monster! Nathan said, “There he is bro!” He was walking in slow and I got ready, by the time I was up and aiming he was out of my sight. We rearranged and I pulled up the cross bow left handed and aimed above his front leg and pulled the trigger! Nathan said, “You @$!*%# smoked him!!! Ya! You smoked him @&$! good!”

For the next 15 minutes we celebrated, (quietly) and called my mom and told her the good news! Then a few deer walked by the stand and through the food plot. Finally, we heard the ranger! We got all our stuff in the ranger and Dad said, “Do you have something to tell me?” I said, “I have something to show you!” We started trying to find the blood trail and we found it. As we crunched quietly and crept along with our flashlights, we went about 50 long and worrisome yards before we finally found him laying down with an arrow hole through his heart! He was huge!