Are you looking for an easier and stress-free way to get to the roughest hunting trails? The Prowler e-bike by Rambo can be your ultimate hunting partner!

When you plan a long-awaited hunt for the weekend, an electric bike constructed explicitly for off-roads and woodlands can make the experience a whole lot more pleasant and enjoyable. We understand that a hunter’s dream includes catching prey (of course) and a hunting partner that can help hunt the target quickly. That’s why we built The Prowler to help you gain a stealthy advantage over your hunting shenanigans.

Travel Beyond to Catch the Prey

At Rambo, we always make every effort to provide our customers with something better than before so they can be as badass with their e-bikes as they want without reaching any limits. TheRambo Prowler 1000 XPE Electric Bike Prowler is our brand new innovation of 2021 with upgraded components, a bigger and better motor, integrated battery, and much more to help you travel farther, reach new terrains, and do it silently! The Prowler E-bikes can be an excellent addition to your deer hunting arsenal, helping you arrive quickly and silently to your desired terrains. You can now travel up to 40 miles on a single charge and in a silent manner. The Prowler’s 1000w Ultra-Drive Motor is practically quiet to help you reach and catch your targets without them noticing. You can use the three sensors to measure and adjust the speed and a pedal torque that gives you incomparable control and comfort.

A Hunter’s Dream

Along with updated features and specifications, The Prowler is built with our new TrueTimber VSX camo paint pattern that is 100% exclusive and trendy to make you look more wicked than before. You can reach back into remote or country areas that you thought were impossible to get in and out of with no difficulty. What makes The Prowler a perfect companion? Well, it is an all-terrain-friendly electric bike that allows you to go recklessly, quickly, and silently without putting any limit in your way and allowing you to hunt with ease.

Unlock Your Hunting Potential

You can tackle steep hills and inclines easier than ever with our battery-powered e-bike. The Prowler has lithium-ion batteries made by Samsung to help you operate it without any difficulty and a 1000w Ultra-Drive Motor that increases your pedaling power. That’s not it; if you don’t feel like pedaling, The Prowler also consists of a pedal-assist thumb throttle that can help you get going. The Prowler can handle rough trails and inclines, all thanks to its Maxxis Minion FBF, FBR 27.5″ x 3.8″ fat tires. Our integrated frame batteries allow the battery to sit lower on the bike frame than a standard battery. This way, it helps keep the weight lower and gives the rider a faster, convenient, and more responsive ride. You can also showcase your live speed and much more with our upgraded full-color display. The Prowler is all you need to unlock your true hunting potential!

Get Your Hunting Partner Today!

The Prowler can be the hunting companion you have been looking for. We go all-out to invent the best e-bikes according to every hunter and outdoor enthusiasts’ needs and budget requirements. You can place your order today to make your hunt more convenient, pleasant, and enjoyable. Go farther, go quicker, and take more gear with our silent but deadly Rambo Bikes!