The best combination of features and value: The Rambo Rooster is powered with fun for your next city cruise!

Electric bikes offer versatility, comfort, affordability, and sheer fun factor. Living in a populated urban city, cars might offer comfort, but where’s the thrill and adventure? Getting stuck in traffic and red lights often get frustrating. Not only are electric bikes better for the environment, but they also offer comfort, thrill and promote a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Whether you’re on the run for some groceries or need a relaxed beachside cruising, Rambo Rooster is the way to go! This 750w powered eBike is the ultimate cruiser for a ride of beautiful views around the city or a daily commute to work. What really sets Rambo Rooster apart is its supercharged performance and the unique step-through frame that delivers a comfortable ride for riders of all heights. Rooster is made with perfection from all angles and curves to serve as an all-purpose eBike. rambo rooster 750w ebike1

The Rooster Power

The 750w Bafang hub drive motor offers pure power and incredible performance, outperforming on all kinds of terrains – sand, rocky, grass, or paved road. The combination of 750w of motor and 20-inch rear wheel delivers exceptional torque and performance for a smooth and speedy cruising experience. You can read more about the technical specifications of The Rambo Rooster here.

The Rooster is equipped with a 48v 14ah battery that ensures reliability that your eBike is ready to ride whenever you are. Get your Rooster eBike today and go for a hunt, a weekend cruise with your friends, or a wild hunting adventure in the mountains. The battery allows easy slide on/off for quick removal for charging or storage and offers a quick charge that can run up to 35 miles of a maximum distance. At Rambo eBikes, we offer exceptional eBikes with superior customer service. We exceed expectations and offer the best in the market. We claim that we’ve perfected eBikes, with stable and outshining features than others in the market. We deliver what we promise; test us before you compare us.

Small Details Make a Big Difference

The Rooster eBike is all painted in matte black – everyone’s favorite! While your surroundings brims with exciting trails to explore with your eBike, don’t miss out on the opportunity to run over bridges, cruise along sparkling waters through forests and hills. The beauty around you is overwhelming, so take your chance and go on a ride with your Rooster eBike and turn heads with its unique features and a chic look!

Rambo’s ultimate cruising eBike, The Rooster, provides you with an amazing experience with all its unique features, which are unmatchable. The eBike weighs only 61lbs which means you can carry your Rooster along anywhere you want and doesn’t take much space to park. The Rooster look is a monster with its matte black finish. With the rider’s comfort as a priority, Rambo designs the eBike with easy-to-use features. With front and rear brakes of the Rooster, both 180mm disks, the bike offers a quick stop at higher speeds without any bumps and jumps – comfort at its best! The brakes are complemented with big tires of Kenda 20″ by 4.0″. These tires provide the Rooster with extra grip and acceleration on roads. While on rocky terrains, the tires adjust accordingly with a super comfortable grip and the best combination with a great suspension. To smoothen the ride more, the eBike comes with a 9inch high-rise BMX style handlebar to provide you the ultimate hand resting space without tiring your arms on a long cruise. The bike is at a stand-over height of 16.5″ with a frame height of 17″ medium size.

To sum it up, The Rooster is the best! – a universal size bike that complements all ages and sizes of riders. So, what’s your mood? Are you ready to ditch the car and get on our powerful electric cruiser bike? Get your Rambo Rooster today and drop down your first impressions. We love to hear our customers share their adventure experiences. Besides, Rambo bikes also provide support to help you assemble your first ride and guide you through!

#RideWithRambo – We didn’t invent the eBike: we perfected it!