Love the adventure and thrill? What’s better than going to a hunt with your favorite electric bike!? For a few years now, electric hunting bikes have evolved into riders’ everyday choices, especially for their outdoor pursuits. Previously, e-bikes were restricted to transportation and a ride-around-town. However, these days, hunters have been on an entirely different path with their electric hunting bikes. The best electric bikes for hunting are ones that just make sense for hunters looking to get deeper into the backcountry. Fat-tired electric bikes roll on their low-pressure tires and float over any sand, snow, grass, or other muddy terrain and provide the best outdoor experience.

Wondering which electric bike would suit you? With many options, we totally agree that you can feel overwhelmed when trying to pick the best electric hunting bike, and it can be challenging. That’s why we are putting together our top 3 e-bike choices for your convenience in choosing the right one for you. But wait, before that, let’s dive into what actually makes these e-bikes the ultimate choice for hunting.

Benefits of Owning Electric Bikes – For Hunters

  • Faster Speed

E-bikes are much quicker than walking in and out of your hunting area. Once you’re done with your hunt, you can throw your gear into the bike rack and get going. With the powerful engine, these bikes produce reduced noise and save you precious time to bag even more prey!

  • Undetectability

No hunter wants to scare off their prey. Animals often tend to have a stronger sense and are relatively smarter at detecting movements, smells, and noises. Therefore, an electric bike seems to be a better alternative for hunting than ATVs and Dirt Bikes. You won’t send your potential prey running away from you. As a plus point, Rambo bikes even come with camouflage skins to help you sneak up on your next catch!

  • Support Hunting Accessories

Along with the comfort, speed, and ease of hunting, E-Bikes also provide a chance to add accessories to your bike to customize it any way you prefer. For example, you can add a large basket, cart, gun or bow holder, or even a rack on your bike to carry equipment. Instead of strapping your prize onto your back to return to camp or your car, you can throw your gear and strap your prey to the large rack and travel without any cargo hassle.

  • Simple Maintenance

Electric bikes are easy to maintain. The sophisticated and straightforward mechanism takes away all the stress of tricky components you might find in a gas engine. It’s relatively simple and very similar to regular bicycle maintenance.

Top 3 Rambo Hunting E-Bikes: Definitely, the Riders’ Choice!

1. Rambo Bushwacker

Designed to excel where the other bikes can’t, the Bushwacker turns out to be the best choice for the ultimate hunting experience. The TrueTimber Viper Western Camo fat tire electric bike Rambo Electric Bike - 750 watt Bushwackercombines power, stealth, performance, and a great style! With its fat tires, it can give you the grip to power through dirt, mud, rocks, and snow without any hassle. Truly built for an off-road experience, Tektro HD-E350 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm brakes will ensure you stop on a dime with no terrain and power issues.


  • Model#: 750 XPC Camo
  • Weight: 66 Lbs.
  • Bafang 750W BBSHD High Torque Mid Drive
  • Samsung 48V 14AH Battery with 38 Miles Range
  • Rear Hub: Sturmey Archer 5 Speed
  • Maxxis Minion FBF, FBR 26”x4.0.”
  • 20 mph Maximum Speed


2. Rambo Rebel

The Rebel never disappoints! It’s the perfect combination for off-road ability and comfort. While providing the best experience, Rambo Rebel’s custom-built frame also helps heighten the motor for increased ground clearance and protection. With more space, fat tires, 1000W extreme motor performance, Rebel doesn’t step back from giving you a boost in any rough terrain, big game hunting the backwoods in steep grade conditions, or even cruising down the town.


  • Model#: 1000 XPC Camo
  • Weight: 69 Lbs.
  • Bafang 1000W BBSHD High Torque Mid Drive Motor
  • GT 860 Air Suspension Fork
  • Samsung 48V 21AH Battery with 48 Miles Range
  • 28 mph Maximum Speed
  • Maxxis Minion FBF, FBR 26″ x 4.8″ Tire
  • 31” Stand over Height
  • TrueTimber Viper Western Camo or Urban Paint

3. Rambo Krusader

Want to get in and out of the woods without making a sound? The Krusader is for you! This hunting e-bike is a quiet ride with a woodland camo print to help you sneak up on your prey. An all-wheel-drive e-bike in the hunting realm, the Krusader is the most reliable, durable, and bulletproof e-bike on the market. The bike provides an unmatched plush ride and stopping power along with its beasty look. With a dual 500W Bafang motor, Krusader is the whisper-quiet e-bike you need. Rambo Krusader 500w AWD Electric Bike


  • Model#: 500 X2 AWD
  • Weight: 74 Lbs.
  • TrueTimber Woodland Camo Print
  • Bafang 500W Hub Motor X2
  • Samsung 48V 14AH Battery with 38 miles range
  • GT MRK 355 Air 26 Fork
  • 19 mph Maximum Speed
  • 28” Stand Over Height
  • Grip: Velo Ergonomic Lock

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If you’re looking to boost up your hunting game, an e-bike is the right choice. The best hunting e-bikes are powerful, quiet, and efficient. Ensuring that your travel is secure and comfortable, they can even carry heavy loads and also provide a place to store your prey. If you want to upgrade your bike for the upcoming hunting trip, don’t forget to enhance your bike’s efficiency by adding in more accessories to help you enjoy the great outdoors with increased bike capacity and quality.

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