Can’t seem to balance your hunting bows while riding your electric bike? You’re not the only one. The majority of riders go through the same issue daily. But don’t worry! In this blog today, we’re going to discuss this specific problem. Did you know that adding essential accessories to your electric bike can make it the ultimate transportation bike for all your hunting expeditions? YES! you heard it right! Let’s get into some details.

Hunting has evolved as an ultimate way to have some fun and adventure with your friends or family. Off-road trails and long-distance rides require comfort and ease as the top priority. Backpacks, heavy and stuffy bags can become uncomfortable and sweaty after just a few miles of riding, and most of the bikes you buy don’t even come with the basic small-accessories carrying racks or bags. This may be one of the little things that keep quite a few people from taking the dive into regular biking or even long-distance hunting once a week.

Why Do You Need E-Bike Accessories?

The majority eBike accessories allow hunters to expand their storage, improve the overall capacity of the bike, and even help take your precious prize home. No matter which bike you own, some accessories can fit any electric hunting bike. These can help you take full advantage of your bike and experience its fullest potential.

Must-have Hunting Bike Accessories

There are some ways you can haul your carrying-worries aside. Adding these few accessories to your electric bike can help you carry more items as per your need.

Luggage Rack

Capacity plays a huge role when you’re a hunter! A front or an extra-large back luggage rack can be the best way to add more capacity to your bike, and it’s compatible with most of the bikes. Luggage racks may look craggy, but they are lightweight, durable, and definitely help for long-distance. You can install or remove your luggage rack with simple tools and be on-the-go without any hassle.

Triple Accessory Bag

You can put your hunting accessories in the triple accessory bag. The bags are made out of durable and waterproof fabric built with backpack straps, side bags, and shoulder straps that are strong and long-lasting. Whether you want to carry some snacks for your way or small accessories for your hunts like tool kits, or tiny sharp equipment for your preys, this is the ideal accessory bag for all your hunting adventures.

Cup Holder

Hauling big things on your bike isn’t that hard. It’s more challenging to figure out how to carry small items such as your coffee cup or even your water bottle. You can always add a small-sized holder to your bike and make it easier to carry your stuff with you because you definitely need water, even on short rides.

Tool Kit

Regular maintenance and repairs are necessary for your e-bike! Whether you’re on the go or at your home, your bike might need some fixes, so keep your tool kit ready at any moment of need. The tool kit comes with a durable storage bag and commonly includes tools like hex wrench, pedal wrench, motor wrench, handpump, freewheel removal tool, chain brake, zip ties, or tire level set.


Adding a basket on the front or back of your bike can easily load your gear. You can even strap down your equipment to keep it tight and secure from falling. Ensure your basket is big enough to carry your hunting equipment or additional items. Once it’s all set and fitted, you’ll get used to riding your bike with a basket attached.

Phone Bag

Tech gadgets are a must-have these days. Most hunters often go for off-road trails and hunting spots with maps’ help. Whether you need it for guiding you for the route or even for recording your adventures and creating memories, a phone is always there with you. While your phone can fall out of your pocket, you can always opt for a phone mount to fit your smartphone on a silicon metal, providing you a clear view at all times. This is a great accessory that’ll surely impress you!


Carrying your prey home might be a tricky task. Therefore, you should get the right equipment to take your prey home or even hauling firewood and other loads around the campsite. An aluminum bike cart is made out of rust-proof material and is not very weighty. It doesn’t take up much space, and you can even fold it up to keep when you’re not using it. This seems to be the hunter’s favorite equipment with quick detaching mechanisms.

Super Bright Headlight

Can you see your prey without light? Obviously not! Most e-bikes don’t come equipped with the most crucial light feature. A super bright headlight is a need that must be added to your bike to get you through the darkest routes while also hunting your prey. It’s better not to feel unsafe while riding into unknown places. With the battery charger’s help, you can even recharge the lithium battery once it dies out or even detach the light from its frame if you don’t wish to use it. Often, the light comes in color combinations like white, red, or both together to ensure you don’t lose your prey.

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You might have some of these accessories with you already, but if you were not aware and didn’t realize the versatility that you can take advantage of, here you go! Carrying loads of stuff is not wrong, sometimes you’re going to need to take some necessary things with you when you go hunting, to be prepared, of course. We hope this blog post helps you find everything you might need to make the best of your e-bike hunting experience.

So, what are you waiting for? This is definitely something that can help hunters around the world. Take your hunting game to the next level and explore as you’ve never explored before with Rambo Bikes!


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