After placing my order on the Rambo website, I received confirmation of my order and before I knew it, it was shipped out the next day. Within 3 business days a FedEx rep was at my front door ready for a signature. FAST Shipping! 

Unboxing the Rebel 1000XPC was exciting and very easy. After carefully pulling it out of the large box, I proceeded with a few snips of some zip-ties and pulling protective layers away from the bike. I had in front of me a near assembled camo ebike! I’m not particularly a bike guy, so I was little apprehensive about putting it all together myself but very anxious. After looking over the instructions, it was as simple as attaching the front tire, handlebar, pedals, and a few smaller items. Within 15 minutes I had a fully functioning eBike in front of me. Done. I immediately plugged in the battery to the supplied charger and waited over night for the recommended initial overnight charge.  That next morning: it was brisk, cloudy, and not particularly bike riding weather but I couldn’t wait. I attached the battery to the bike, fired up the Bafang display, and smiled. The display is awesome! It shows the MPH, battery range, the clock, trip, odometer, battery level, and more! Paying attention to the recommendations, I proceeded to ‘burn’ in the bike’s brakes, 20 times per brake – who ever said, instructions aren’t fun?! My neighbors must have thought I was crazy going back and forth stopping and going like I was that many times. 

Rebel 1000w Electric Bike

I drove it back into my garage, put the kick stand down, and said to myself, “This is going to be way more fun then I imagined!” Did I mention, I hardly pedaled at all? The thumb throttle is a game changer. Sure, pedaling is easy and all with the pedal assist but simply pushing the throttle and zipping down the road like a badass is way more fun. I’m not sure the middle-aged lady riding her moped was too impressed when I passed her on a side street and left her in my dust. Heck yes. I can already imagine loading up my gear and cruising down some favorite logging roads this spring while turkey and black bear hunting. 

Overall, the Rambo Rebel 1000XPC electric bike is something to behold. This will be a game changer not only for hunting but fishing, camping, and pulling my girls around in their Burley bike trailer. The stout nature of the bike gave me a first impression that it’s not a cheaply made ebike but one definitely ready for adventure. It’s beefy, solid, and ready for some off-road hunting use!