Rambo Turkey Film Fest

2021 Festival is a Wrap! Winners announced below.




Gobbler Down

2021 Turkey Festival

How to Enter

Recommended full film time of 8-10 minutes (10-minute enforced maximum). If you submit a film over 10 minutes it will not be given consideration. While there is no main topic, we highly suggest unique storytelling beyond just sitting in a blind or under the roost. Share the experience and journey with us! You do not need to have a Rambo Bike or use one to enter but it is encouraged.

  • You may submit 1 Film and up to 5 Photographs
  • Submit your films in 1080hd in mp4, .mov, or .avi format
  • Rambo retains ownership of all content submitted
  • Film File Name: YourFullName-FilmTitle.mp4
  • Photograph File Names: YourFullName-Photo1.jpg
  • Submit your files via Dropbox or WeTransfer to: [email protected]
  • Deadline: May 31st, 2021


1st Place: Rambo 1000w Rebel Bike (Nicholas Myhre)
2nd Place: $1000 Rambo Gift Card (Foster Bartholow)
3rd Place: $500 Rambo Gift Card (Jared McBride)

Other Prizes:

Best use of a Rambo Bike: $500 Rambo Gift Card (Ted Bright)
Best overall Story: $250 Rambo Gift Card (Andy Edwards)
Best Rambo Bike Photograph: $250 Gift Card (Taylor Bartholow)





Mon – Fri 8:00AM – 4:30PM CST

Email: [email protected]