The Krusader Ebike Support


Congratulations on purchasing or getting ready to purchase our Krusader AWD electric bike! The first all-wheel drive e-bike in the hunting realm. This all new hill climbing monster comes with dual 500 watt motors for a full 1000 watts of power that is unrivaled on tough terrain. The Krusader is whisper quiet with its all new single speed gear drive.

Krusader 500w X2 Overview

Use the Krusader Bike for camping, hunting, fishing, or all of the above! It is the most reliable, durable, and bulletproof drive train on the market. This beast is also outfitted with a full front suspension and hydraulic disk brakes to give you a plush ride and unmatched stopping power. If you are looking for an e-bike that can climb mountains, go through snow and mud, or go miles down the beach, the Krusader is the bike for you


Want to take a cruise around the neighborhood or out to your favorite deer stand? Need an alternative ride to work because the ‘better half’ left you with a car on empty? Watch our assembly video to ensure your bike is properly assembled.

Let Rambo take you there! Rain, Snow, Sand, Pavement….our bikes can handle it all so before you dump more money into that old gas guzzling vehicle of yours think about a Rambo!


Are you ready to get our and ride. Follow these quick First Ride instructions to ensure your bike is ready to go!



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