The Rambo Experience



Outdoor enthusiasts across the United States are enjoying the benefits and experience of Riding with Rambo. From hunters, fishermen and women, overlanders/campers, to commuters in the urban landscapes. Ebikes are making our outdoor experience more enjoyable then ever before! 

Quieter and Faster

At Rambo, we use the best motors possible. Depending on the model, each bike is designed for a specific purpose which has the best motor for it’s use. From 1000w Bafang torque sensing mid-drive motors to the 500w Bafang hub drive motors. We believe in using quality components which make our bikes superior to our competitors.


Key Features

Each Bike has it’s own qualities and features which makes them all designed for specific outdoor adventures. We’re proud to offer industry leading motors, large battery capacities, gear systems up to 14 speeds, and 4 piston brakes.



Financing Options

We provide two great financing options for you to choose from. Our first option is Affirm, who’s becoming more and more popular in the retail world with it’s buy now – pay later. With a quick and easy application, you can know within minutes if you are approved and checkout with confidence. Our second option is with Katapult, another fantastic financing offer that acts as a lease to purchase option.


Community Support

The “Rambo Bike Owners Group” on Facebook offers great community support with how to accessorize and answer general questions. Boosting over 2,000 members there’s daily chatter in the group of Rambo riders. Rambo’s internal Customer Support team is always a phone call or email away – we strive to provide the best support in the industry!


Rambo Rider Highlight

@FosterBartholow on Instagram has been taking his Megatron and Ryder on hunts all across the United States. With recent knee surgery he’s been leaning on the bike’s to get him further, faster, and quieter then he ever could hiking. He’s put on over 300 miles on his Rambo bikes this fall chasing bull elk in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Foster is an avid hunter from elk, deer, to turkeys in the spring. He’s most known for being a World Champion Trapshooter for Winchester and Browning.

Check out his most recent experience!





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