The Ryder Ebike Support


Congratulations on purchasing or getting ready to purchase our Ryder ebike! The Rambo Ryder 750W 24 Matte Black and Tan bike features 24” x 4” wheels, 48v 14AH battery, and a slightly smaller frame to accommodate smaller riders. 

Ryder 750w Overview

The Ryder features a 3-speed internal hub to get you through the toughest terrain, great for grassland areas and a high torque 750W mid-drive motor. It also comes with Kenda Kevlar anti-puncture tires to prevent flats and dual piston hydraulic disc brakes for increased stopping power


Getting low on groceries? Need a quick cruise around the neighborhood? Need an alternative ride to work because the ‘better half’ left you with a car on empty? How about a jump start on that summer beach body (turn the motor off and pedal)?

Let the Ryder take you there! Rain, Snow, Sand, Pavement….our bikes can handle it all so before you dump more money into that old gas guzzling vehicle of yours think about a Rambo!


Our fat tire fishing bikes and accessories are made to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether your heading into the high country to find some brookies with a fly rod, access a remote part of lake to chase spring pike, or cruise down the beach and get away from the crowds.

Our electric fat tire fishing bikes, trailers, racks and more are ready for your next fishing adventure!



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