The Rambo Bushwhacker bike is not only a bike used for hunting; it is a multi-purpose machine! Personally, I have used my bike for checking irrigation motors and sprinklers. With minimal crop damage compared to an ATV or side by side, I can use the luggage rack to haul tools and anything else I may need. I have used it to haul seed bags to my drill when my truck is on the other side of the field. A person could strap the bike to the back of the drill and have transportation anywhere in the field. It handles any type of ground I throw at it. The Oklahoma Panhadle has a lot of sandy soils in my area and the Rambo assists me to get me through without any issues. Add a trailer behind it and you have the ability to haul even more gear! The battery life is excellent, and I do not have to worry about being stranded no matter how big the field I work is.

I have found that my bike has more uses every day. I can check fences and cattle with it. I take a bag of cake out to get them comfortable to the bike and unlike a loud ATV, the cattle become accustomed to the bike and don’t spook. I have ridden across CRP grass fields with minimal impact to the grass, sometimes without even seeing where I have been. I like the fact I can get across places quickly, quietly and with minimum impact. The uses for the bike on the farm are endless.

As far as hunting, I have been able to get into places to set up feeders, hang stands and check cameras. It is a great way of being scent free getting into places quietly. I love the fact I can easily load the bike into my truck and get into more places than I would with a truck. It is easier to conceal the bike than to conceal a vehicle. With my wide-open spaces here, I can lay the bike down when I get close to the place I want to hunt. I can navigate small trail roads easier and not worry about tearing up the road when wet. Most landlords do not like their roads driven when wet. One advantage of an Ebike versus a regular bike on trail roads is, when trails are deep, you can use the motor to keep from hanging a petal on the side of the rut.