How to Build the Ultimate Turkey Hunting E-Bike

How to Build the Ultimate Turkey Hunting E-Bike

April 10, 2024


Rambo Bikes

Building the Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup with Rambo E-Bikes

By David Schlake As the ice begins to melt and idle hands become restless, hunters across the country eagerly await the spring bloom — and moreover, a fresh start. Spring turkey season plays two roles for sportsmen, both as the off-season reprieve for hunters who are still hungry and the clean slate for those seeking redemption. No hunting and calendar seasons are so monogamous with one another, and no species of game rewards preparation quite like wild turkeys. True turkey hunting enthusiasts value spring more than any other season for its unique exclusivity, and the most successful turkey hunters never sleep on breakthrough advancements that could offer an edge. And, perhaps the most revolutionary innovation to emerge in recent memory is the integration of electric bikes — commonly referred to as e-bikes — into turkey hunting expeditions. As versatile as they are mobile, e-bikes allow hunters to efficiently travel with stealth, making light work out of narrow trails and rugged terrain without emitting the sound of a gas-powered motor; a turkey hunter’s dream. But how do you choose the best e-bike to meet your hunting needs, and what else do you need to build the ultimate turkey hunting e-bike?

Selecting the Best Base Rambo E-Bike for Turkey Hunting

The bike itself is obviously at the center of your build and, therefore, needs to be one that can withstand any rugged terrain you may encounter during your typical turkey hunting season. Your best bet is to opt for a mountain bike or fat-tire bike, as your off-road travel will surely call for durability. The frame size and geometry should also be a priority when choosing a bike to ensure comfortability, especially during longer trips. Arguably, the best option out there for both versatility and value is the Rambo Savage 2.0 — the bike that lit the market on fire as the best-selling e-bike for the last seven consecutive years is now offered with new improvements. Users regularly claim Rambo’s entry-bikes rival competitors’ high-end models, making it one of those entry-level purchases that ultimately will never require an upgrade.
  • The Savage 2.0 has everything you need right in a base bike right out of the box:
  • Motor: 750w-1,000w hub motor powered by Bafang (peak rating of 1,200w, 90mm of torque, and nominal power of 1,000w)
  • Battery: 48V 15AH LG Lithium Ion Battery with a range of up to 48 miles
  • Derailleur: Shimano High Performance 8-speed providing 280-percent gear range
  • Brakes: 180mm fully adjustable front and rear Logan Brakes with integrated safety cutoff
  • Tires: 24”x4” Kenda tires with anti-puncture technology
  • Digital Display: Features Adjustable Class System (ACS) and waterproof technology
Using the pedal-assist feature, the Savage 2.0 can travel up to 58 miles per charge.

Turkey Hunting Accessories for Your Rambo Savage 2.0

There are countless ways you can build your e-bike for spring gobbler season, but the top priority is storage — not only for your gear, but also for your harvested game. A durable rear luggage rack is a great way to transport birds from deep in the woods back to your truck, but they vary in both size and shape. If you’re looking for something versatile to attach any basic luggage to, you can start with a basic rack, and it’s probably worth getting one for the rear as well as the front. However, if you’re looking to make game storage a cinch when you’re trying to beat the sun and you know you’ll likely carry your gear in your backpack anyways, you’re probably better off with a basket or rack platform. If gear storage is paramount for your hunting approach, you can also choose from a variety of saddle bags, such as the Triple Accessory Bag or the Double Accessory Bag, each of which will provide more than enough room for just about everything but your shotgun. Depending on how many calls or decoys you typically carry, though, you also have the option to get creative by fashioning a cooler bag in your basket or mounting a waterproof bag for valuables. Storage space on any kind of bike is especially limited, so the best place to start is by prioritizing the gear you use most.

Now Is the Time to Outfit a Savage 2.0 for Turkey Hunting

Even though we’re still counting down the days until spring gobbler season arrives, e-bikes offer hunters the ability to scout large tracts of land with minimal disturbance. But the pre-season window is undoubtedly closing. If shopping for your first turkey-hunting e-bike, do so with intent; a turkey hunting e-bike is only as effective as the turkey hunter. You don’t want to find yourself unable to fit everything you need, and you don’t want to find yourself short-handed way back in the woods. If you already own an e-bike and are just now considering upgrades for hunting purposes, let ruggedness and versatility lead the way. Accessories add up, so make sure you’re getting the best possible bang for your buck (or turkey).
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