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The Rambo Bike Cart is a great add-on to any model of Rambo Bikes that you have. Quick and easy attachment to the bike and smooth operations. Use it to haul gear, camping equipment, tree stands, or your trophy out of the backwoods. The cart also has a handle grab for use without the Rambo Bike. Great for hauling firewood or other loads around the farm or campsite when not using it for hunting.


  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Weight / Carrying Capacity: 300lbs *when using as a hand cart. Max 70Lb load when hooked up to a bike.
  • For use with: All Rambo Bikes except R350JR, R350JR G3, The Rooster
  • NOTE: R150 G2 Extra Large Luggage rack is required to allow installation and proper use of this accessory.

19 reviews for Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart

  1. Keith Lageman

    This little cart is amazing, it’ll haul way more than it’s rated for but don’t tell the company that I know that, lol. Durable, tough, works as both a hand cart and a bike trailer. I use it all the time for a number of different activities. Very versatile.

  2. Keith Lageman

    This cart is super sturdy. Will haul way more than advertised and folds in half for storage. I always have the cart hooked onto my bike for any occasion. One of my favorite accessories.

  3. Mitch Distel

    I have had one these carts for 2 years now and have used it a ton hauling just about everything under the sun. I have had way more weight on it then it is rated for and it took it. It folds down to be very compact and easy to store or haul. Very well constructed great all around cart. Highly recommended!! I ended up getting a second one when I got my wife a bike so we each had one to use.

  4. Dao Yang

    I’ve had the cart for two seasons of hunting now. Added Kolpin rifle mounts to both sides and it’s more than helpful when we have a hunting party. I find more and more uses for the trailer every day, from bringing things to and from the truck, to hauling wood or even charcoal to a picnic site. It’s more than worth it!

  5. Justin Vogt

    Must have with your Rambo. I have tried other carts and none compare.

  6. John W

    Love the ability to fold this easily and quickly. This little beast is built Rambo tough. I load corn bags on this to feed deer and use it over very rough terrain. 10 out of 10!

  7. Andy

    how much weight can it hall? Does no one seem to say? what if I get a 300-pound hog? or a 200-pound deer

  8. Stacey

    @Andy – it will haul a 400# Kansas whitetail. Great little cart. Love mine and I’m getting a second one!

  9. Mike Reading

    We hauled a 280 pound Illinios buck out of the woods with it

  10. Jeffrey Milliron

    Pulled out 4 Elk Quarters 6 miles like it was nothing. Krusader pulled this cart in sand so deep the other bikes I was with struggled. I love this cart. Tracks well.

  11. David K Holdenried

    Love the Cart but be sure you get the upgraded cart attachment. The earlier ones where a spin on plastic knob. It deteriated within the first three months. I’ve been trying to get a replacemet. I may have to fabricate a metal attachemnet like they show in their picture instead of the plactic knob..

  12. Todd Bell

    What psi are you suppose to set the cart tires to? 10 like the bike?

    • Rambo – Customer Service

      Depending the riding conditions your bike should be between 10 and 30psi – the cart should be around 15psi.

  13. Doug

    Very nice cart, by far best design, very well made. Best cart for the money; through axles, very lightweight, heavy duty.

  14. William fausett

    I am impressed. Most money I’ve spent on a trailer, well worth it! Nothin else I’ve had or seen holds this much weight or even half. I did see a review complaining that they didn’t get knobby tires. I’m glad I didn’t. There still fat tires, an knobby tires were down faster while doing n o.k good unless there on a the bike for traction an steering. Theres giving us longer lasting tires. 3 inch wide gives nice shock absorbing for everything on it. I dont make a lot of money, but this is worth saving for!awesome!

  15. Foster

    This trailer has been a tremendous help to haul gear while out hunting, and while completing the honey-do list.
    Very durable construction and the fold-up feature allows for easy storage when space is limited.
    Definitely would recommend for anyone that needs extra storage space while riding, or simply wants to make life easier when you dont want to haul by hand or too big for the bike.
    5/5 stars!!

  16. Walter Joseph Senkow

    I bought this trailer to use during deer season for hauling equipment and eventually a deer. I am using it on another make Ebike company that starts with an H. The attachment was snug but went onto the rear rack with a little coaxing. Love the trailer and works over and above as advertised.

  17. David Gokey

    I haven’t had a chance to pull it with my bike but I did use it as a hand cart. Its absolutely amazing how light and easy it pulls with a deer in tow. Plus it folds ip nicely and tires come off easily for transport if necessary.

  18. Brian

    Online it says cart is rated for 300#. Manual on front says 70# max.

    • Rambo – Customer Service

      Hi Brian, the cart can hold 300lbs but we recommend a max of 70lbs when riding out with a load for safety reasons.

  19. Ronnie

    I love this thing. I never post reviews but this thing deserves it. Makes my life so much easier when I have spots I can use this.

    • Rambo – Customer Service

      Thanks Ronnie! We appreciate your review.

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