Why You Should Consider Using Your Rambo E-Bike to Shed Hunt This Year

Why You Should Consider Using Your Rambo E-Bike to Shed Hunt This Year

April 23, 2024


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Consider Using a Rambo Savage 2.0 for Your Next Shed Hunt

 The importance of including shed hunting in your winter and spring scouting regime is no secret to most hunters at this point. In essence, shed hunting can help you locate where bucks are spending their time. Whether that’s finding new bedding areas, new feeding areas, or simply locating a travel corridor and then using an aerial map to connect the dots between bedding and feeding, you can learn a lot from getting outside and looking for antlers. And. although multitasking — looking for sheds and doing some serious scouting at the same time — can be difficult, being outside puts you in the game to learn more about the property you hunt. Still, like almost everything else in life, we are always looking for ways to gain advantages. Luckily, Rambo E-Bikes allow you to do just that.


Where to Search for Shed Antlers?

There are several strategies you can employ to increase your chances of finding sheds. For example, focusing on known bedding locations and edges of food sources can help increase your chances of finding a shed antler. Additionally, focusing on travel corridors where deer must cross features such as fences, streams, or drainages are great areas to focus your efforts. Often, just the low impact force of a deer jumping and landing on the other side is enough to dislodge an antler from its pedicle. Although there are ways to cut down your time on the ground and focus your efforts to find antlers, at the end of the day it’s all about putting on the miles to increase your chances of finding sheds. So how can you maximize your time checking areas of interest?

Why You Should Consider Using Your Rambo E Bike To Shed Hunt This Year

Rambo E-Bikes Save Time When Shed Hunting

Using your Rambo e-bike can drastically increase your efficiency while shed hunting. Traditionally, you would park your vehicle in a safe area where your chances of getting stuck are slim before making your way into some of those high-probability areas. But what if you have several properties on your list to check for the day? This is where your Rambo e-bike comes into play. Having the ability to decrease the time it takes you to get from your starting point to that bedding area or food source can drastically increase the amount of time you’re looking for sheds. Point being, If the areas you want to check are a mile or two from your truck, it might take you 30 to 40 minutes to hike back to them and then another 30 to 40 mins to hike out; but using your e-bike can help cut down on this time significantly. Saving 30-45 minutes hiking to and from your truck may not seem like a lot, but it adds up when you have several properties to check in a day. There are other situations where using a Rambo e-bike can help make you a more efficient shed hunter. We are all limited in time, and you may not have much extra time to shed hunt between family and work obligations. You probably have that one spot you want to get to but have a hard time checking it because of these constraints. Simply, Rambo bikes make checking those types of spots more realistic.

Rambo E-Bikes Prevent Fatigue from Affecting Your Shed Hunt

One other benefit of using your Rambo e-bike is something most shed hunters probably don’t think much about: they prevent fatigue. In general, when you expend the amount of energy and focus it takes to find sheds, you are more likely to lose your ability to focus and concentrate throughout the day. This means you may start missing sheds while you are searching for them. Minimizing this fatigue with a Rambo bike maintains your focus and energy levels longer, which, in turn, helps you find more sheds.

Why You Should Consider Using Your Rambo E Bike To Shed Hunt This Year

Rambo E-Bikes Make Shed Hunting More Enjoyable

Hiking those long miles to look for sheds has its own benefits, but there are certainly times when increasing your efficiency is a must and using your Rambo e-bike almost becomes a necessity. Regardless of whether you choose to use your Rambo e-bike to aid in shed hunting when you are short on time, have multiple properties to check, or you just simply prefer to use it to maximize your efficiency, it’s important to remember to try to slow down when you can. Enjoy your time outside; always take a moment to observe each location and notice other deer sign like rubs and scrapes. Maximizing your efficiency while shed hunting should only allow for more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Why You Should Consider Using Your Rambo E Bike To Shed Hunt This Year

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