BoneView Electric Handwarmer + Battery Bank

BoneView Electric Handwarmer + Battery Bank

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BoneView Electric Handwarmer + Battery Bank

BoneView Electric Handwarmer + Battery Bank

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BoneView Electric Handwarmer + Battery Bank OVERVIEW

A must-have if you brave the cold outdoors! This instant, hand-warming battery pack gets HOT quickly (up to 115 Degrees F) and lasts more than 8 hours. Sporting an extra large capacity 10000mAh lithium battery for QUIET, ODOR FREE warmth - AND - plenty of juice to keep your phone charged while you are waiting on that bruiser in the woods or reeling in lunkers on the ice.

This hand warmer works amazingly well. The temperature set point is perfect for all winter, especially when used inside a hand muff pack. Recently dialed into the perfect setting for noticeable heat and long battery life. Each charge cycle use should last 8-12 hours depending on environment of use and trap up to 115 degF of comfortable heat. And with the life of a lithium battery you can use this thing over and over, ensuring at least 500 recharge cycles before the internal battery cells start to reduce overall capacity.

This also works really well as a body heater. Placing this hand warmer inside your coat near the core of your body (i.e. internal chest pocket), it will generate a great deal of heat to be trapped inside the inner layer. The flashlight is a great addition if you need light quick and don't want to fumble with getting your head lamp back out of your pack. The battery charging feature will definitely be useful if you plan to hunt or fish all day long and realize your phone is almost dead. It will charge it up over a few hours. And boasting the newly increased almost 10,000 mAh lithium-ion battery capacity, you should be able to recharge your phone at least 3-4 times on one full HotPocket battery cycle.

- 10,000-mAh Lithium HotPocket Battery
- Type-C USB charge cable (USB charge adapter not included, but any standard adapter like a phone charging USB adapter will work).
- User Guide

Features & Benefits:
- INSTANT Electronic Hand Warmer Battery + Case - Designed specifically for hunters, ice fisherman and outdoors enthusiasts.
- RUGGED Aluminum exterior case heats up to 115+ degrees Fahrenheit for up to 12 hours with our Best Extra-Capacity 10,000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery power
- DON'T LET COLD FINGERS STOP YOU - great for warming hands, keeping in your pocket, or keeping in a hand muff
- EMERGENCY POWER charges phones, tablets, digital cameras, and more via USB Port - one battery pack will fully charge a smartphone up to 3 times
- BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - BoneView ensures 100% satisfaction Since 2015

- Lithium Battery Capacity: 10,000-mAh / 37Wh
- Input: USB-C 5V/3.0A
- Output: USB 5V/3.0A
- Charging time: 4-hrs
- Heating duration: 5-10 hrs