Rambo Silent Hub

Rambo Silent Hub

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Rambo Silent Hub

Rambo Silent Hub

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Rambo Silent Hub OVERVIEW

The Rambo Silent Hub is an innovative bicycle hub designed for a quiet and smooth riding experience, particularly beneficial for outdoor and wooded area cycling. Here's a breakdown of its features:

  1. Points of Engagement (POE):

    • 180 POE: This means the hub has 180 different positions where the drive mechanism can engage. Higher POE translates to quicker engagement when you start pedaling, providing a more responsive ride.
  2. Torque Rating:

    • 180 Nm (Newton-meters): This is a measure of the twisting force that the hub can handle. A torque rating of 180Nm is quite high, indicating that the hub can withstand significant force, which is beneficial for both powerful pedaling and rough terrain.
  3. Silent Drive System:

    • Clutch Stem Mechanism: Unlike conventional hubs that use pawls and springs to engage and create clicking noises, the Rambo Silent Hub uses a clutch stem mechanism. This design eliminates the noise typically associated with hub engagement.
    • Silent Operation: The absence of pawls and springs means that there is no clicking sound when the bike coasts or pedals. This makes the ride exceptionally quiet, ideal for hunters, wildlife photographers, or anyone who prefers a silent ride.
  4. Usage Benefits:

    • Quiet Riding: The primary advantage of this silent drive system is the noise reduction, which is crucial for activities that require stealth.
    • Smooth Engagement: The high number of engagement points ensures a smooth and immediate connection between the pedals and the drivetrain, enhancing the overall riding experience.